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Halloween 2015

The end of October typically marks the presence of superheros, goblins, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night.Don't say you weren't warned. This Halloween bestpricedticket.com provides you with the ultimate invitation and passport into a new world filled with enchantment and intrigue. These cities are your top destinations to party for Halloween where you can indulge in the best event in town, at the best priced value. Check out our curated selection of parties designed to scare your socks off with full decor and music that will make you dance the night away.


Halloween was birthed in Boston from the Salem witch trials to the gloomy cemetaries across the city, experience the best parties right in this historic melting pot. Click here to find the best costume parties in the city!

New York

The city that never sleeps known as Manhattan has been the primary destination for east coast vampires looking to party all night without sleep. Do you want to transform into your best character and join the festivities? Check out our exclusive events only available on Bestpricedtickets.com for your pass into the best Halloween parties in NYC.


Halloween; a celebration of characters. Join “The City of Angels” for Halloween, let the angels fly and the devils rise during the one day we can be someone other than ourselves.


Known as an escape, Miami is a great place to escape reality and take on a new persona, and what better time than Halloween to do it, with your pick of parties and events, Miami is the perfect place for Halloween adventures.



Halloween in San Francisco, get warm, have fun, and enjoy a day in a new identity.



The saying might be what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but after a week long of witnessing the newest most innovative fashion for the year, you will want to share it with everyone.



Chicago’s Fashion industry is full of creative and ingenious designers who want to make Chicago a place where fashion thrives. Come witness the events that will make Chicago a fashion destination.



Atlanta an “Alpha” city bringing a force of culture and a perfect place to celebrate Halloween, be a leader and hold Halloween in the ATL.