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The management team at consisting of social enthusiasts, hospitality management professionals, and technology innovators are on the constant search for the next amazing partnership. If you are a unique event space that caters to an exclusive clientele looking for the best value and service when it comes to their nightlife and dining experience, please contact us. In a very short period of time our team can activate a concept or experience and leverage that with our client base and expertise to elevate your brand. With the growth of technology the world is now smaller, information is now endless, but your high end patrons are now expecting more and the time is now. Are you ready to deliver?

Working with gives you the option to sell out your event faster and reach upscale customers you may not be able to do alone. We are partering with 100s of event planners, venue owners and luxury product companies to help them make their revenue numbers and provide our followers the best events at the best price possible. 

We welcome partners from various major cities such as NYC, Boston, Chicago, Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and DC. 

Contact us today to start the dialouge.